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Re-Tale Therapy


Aventus Group is Australia’s largest fully integrated owner, manager and developer of large format retail centres. Re-Tale Therapy is an industry magazine published by the Group.

Starting as a publication to keep the company in touch with their retailers, it has evolved into an engaging platform for thought leadership. Through effective content and design, Designate has helped Aventus to position themselves as a leader in their space, supporting their value proposition and highlighting the importance of their relationships with retailers.

The challenge

Transitioning a company magazine into a platform for genuine engagement is no easy feat. As bricks and mortar retailers everywhere face the pressure of online competition, an industry-wide transformation is in the making. Aventus’ core challenge in this climate is to underscore the value they bring to their clients, carefully leveraging size and reach to send a clear message: retail still matters. Re-Tale Therapy has a key role to play, serving as a communication channel between Aventus, retailers and customers.

Aventus. Re-Tale Therapy. Brand overview of logo, typography and iconography.

The solution

Central to the new approach was design and content. The design process for each issue begins with content creation and editing for up to 24 pages. To maximise engagement, and achieve a careful balance of sales-oriented and brand-building topics, multiple themes relevant to the target audience are explored. 

As with any periodical, the publication has continued to evolve, providing Aventus with a contemporary and sophisticated communication piece. Designate’s capacity to complete the project, from content creation and editing, to design and layout, to production and delivery, allows communication objectives along with tight print deadlines to be achieved.  

The publication’s success is evidenced by its traction: more and more stakeholders (retailers) are contributing content and requesting to be featured, which in turn makes the magazine more engaging. Re-Tale Therapy is also helping strengthen stakeholder relationships, creating opportunities in other areas of Aventus’ business.

Aventus. Re-Tale Therapy. Inside spread detail.
Aventus. Re-Tale Therapy. Inside page design.
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Aventus. Re-Tale Therapy. Inside page design.
Aventus. Re-Tale Therapy. Inside page design.
Aventus. Re-Tale Therapy. Inside page design overview.
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