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2021 Integrated Report


NBN Co is the nation’s wholesale broadband provider and is responsible for building and operating Australia’s National Broadband Network. As such they must demonstrate the ways in which they operate a sustainable business, using a simple and transparent reporting model that demonstrates their commitment to transitioning Australia towards a digital future.

The Challenge

Designate has been supporting NBN Co to successfully transition to Integrated Reporting <IR> for the past few years. The 2021 annual reporting suite is fully compliant with the IIRC reporting principles and demonstrates how the company creates sustainable value for its broader group of stakeholders over time.

The Solution

We drew inspiration from the NBN brand to create a bespoke suite of infographics. These included business model and value creation diagrams that also provided the structure for the content of the reports. The operational disclosures were supported by case studies and candid photography of NBN’s people, partners and communities that they serve, demonstrating the value that they create for all.

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