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HCF is a not-for-profit health fund and one of Australia's largest private life insurance providers. Since 1932 they have focused on helping hundreds of thousands of Australians lead healthier lives and get the most from the healthcare system.

HCF were tremendously proud of their heritage, but their brand was beginning to look and feel overtly traditional in comparison to the international brands that had started to compete in the Australian market. In effect competitor activity had shifted HCF’s market position.

Initially, Designate was asked to conduct a preliminary review of the brand through a design and competitor audit. These findings were supported and further insights gained through market research. The results were benchmarked against stated brand values and their competitive environment, and our findings identified the brand’s strong heritage but also discovered the opportunity to better align their brand with existing and new members for an exciting future.

The solution

Designate completely redesigned the HCF brand to represent the idea of 'members at heart' and introduced a brighter more contemporary colour palette, allowing for more confident and engaging visual expression.

The refresh is designed to encourage Australians to take a new look at HCF and its history of innovation.

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Rollout and application

Designate developed a complete visual identity system and toolkit that has shaped the roll-out of much of HCF’s key brand touchpoints including retail outlets, staff uniforms, internal and external stakeholder communications, customer collateral and much more.

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