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Annual & Sustainability Report


2020 was a highly challenging year for many organisations, and times of uncertainty require clear, consistent, and engaging communication. With this in mind, Perpetual partnered once again with Designate as they sought to introduce their new investor value proposition, alongside an increased emphasis on sustainability.

The challenge

Amidst a challenging environment Perpetual needed to provide transparency for their stakeholders on the short to mid-term economic impacts of COVID-19, whilst providing reassurance for the longer term prospects of their investments. To that end we needed to create focus on a compelling narrative that integrated their intensifying focus on ESG, with a track record of sustained value creation for their stakeholders.

The solution

Designate started the process by consulting on the content strategy and structure of the 2020 reporting suite, aligning our recommendations with Perpetual's ambition to publish their first dedicated Annual Sustainability Report. This increased focus on environmental, social and governance considerations supported Perpetuals new investor narrative ‘Enduring Prosperity’ championing the ‘enduring’ heritage and the ongoing ‘prosperity’ that Perpetual creates for their employees, shareholders, clients and the community.

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