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2021 Annual Report


Plenti is a fintech company that uses smart technology to provide faster, fairer loans so that their customers can ‘bring their big ideas to life’. Listed in October 2020, Designate was tasked with creating their first ever annual report.

The Challenge

Following a successful IPO and equipped with a recent brand refresh, the 2021 Annual Report was meant to provide investors and analysts with a clear view of the business strategy moving forward. In a highly competitive space like financial services, making a good first impression is critical.

The Solution

Designate worked closely with the Plenti IR team to develop a report structure and pagination that successfully unpacked the organisation’s purpose, strategy and key business drivers. Working with wireframes and an iterative approach allowed our team to test ideas and quickly incorporate client feedback.

Visually, we were the first to work with the new Plenti brand, which is fun and playful, providing a compelling platform for the ‘Bringing your big ideas to life’ value proposition. In close collaboration with the Plenti brand team, we got to stretch the brand and develop a series of infographics to help distil complex information, such as the business model.

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The 2021 Annual Report showcases the strengths of an organisation looking to challenge the status quo, and reinforces an investor brand meant to build preference and loyalty among key stakeholders.

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Annual Report