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Watermelon is the future of car park management: simpler, smarter, more intuitive and completely integrated. Designate embraced the opportunity to disrupt a stagnant category.

Watermelon. Brand logo and tagline, 'Refreshingly simple parking solutions'.

The challenge

The Watermelon revolution is grounded on a clear but powerful ethos: Refreshingly simple parking solutions. Smaller hardware powered by intuitive software helps owners and operators take control, and remove friction points for users. Creating a brand to capture this in an industry that often thrives on complexity was the biggest hurdle to clear.

Watermelon. Brand overview with logo, iconography and interface designs.

The solution

The communication objective was to send an unequivocal signal from the onset: Watermelon is different. It’s more of the good stuff, and less of what you don’t need — it’s more pulp and less rind. The tagline ‘Refreshingly simple parking solutions’ is both a brand promise and a point of difference.

The Watermelon brand had to be disruptive, from name all the way to execution. Across all applications, the ‘more pulp, less rind’ lens was applied when critiquing creative work: is this something competitors like Skidata would ever do?

The new website is a perfect example of an entirely different digital brand experience: simpler, focused on product performance and with a superior design standard to entice car park owners and operators to make the switch to Watermelon.

Watermelon. Parking solutions information leaflet and printed booklet.
Watermelon. Indformation pack.
Watermelon. Business card design.
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Watermelon. Iconography.
Watermelon. Branding in application.
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Watermelon. Responsive mobile website designs.

Watermelon. Desktop website pages designs.

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