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2020 Annual Report

Seven Group Holdings

Seven Group Holding’s 2020 annual report demonstrates how the company continues to support their customers and community through their market leading businesses, resilient financial position and strong leadership.

The challenge

Made up of diverse yet complementary holdings the design challenge is to communicate the depth and breadth of the entity. This has been done not only in the design of the content but also in the physical form of the report.

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The solution

Through engaging communication design, SGHs annual report provides the audience with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the business model, purpose, strategy, the competitive advantage, prospects, and how the company creates value and manages risk.

Partnering for over six years, a relationship based on candid communication and understanding has been developed. This facilitates a successful, thoughtful result each year that further positions SGH as a leader in the media, mining and construction industry.

At Designate, we are committed to creating corporate reports and investor communication pieces that provide accurate, compelling and meaningful information that is essential to building trust and enhancing a company’s investor brand.

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