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IRESS Annual Report 2020


Iress is a leading technology company, designing and developing software to empower the financial services industry. Their 2020 annual report was an opportunity to demonstrate the essential role of technology in providing support for their customers and employees through a year of unprecedented change.

The challenge

2020 caused massive disruption to the financial services sector, and as a service provider to many of the world’s largest financial institutions, Iress had a responsibility to provide service continuity for their clients and users. Maintaining the health and wellbeing of their people to ensure that they were able to work safely and effectively on a remote basis was (and continues to be) a priority for the company.

The solution

Our creative concept for the 2020 annual report was anchored on Iress’s COVID response and their dedication to seamless customer service which was facilitated through their superior technology and company culture. We used candid imagery of employees working from home to illustrate case studies of how they supported their customers, employees and the community through times of crisis.

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Designate conducted a photography shoot to enhance the annual report’s imagery and support Iress’s dynamic visual identity.

The reporting suite features a vibrant fluorescent ink to highlight their people and leadership teams effectively working from home, supported by Iress’s technology and innovative company culture.

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