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Integrated Report 2020


In 2018 Designate began a journey with Dexus to transition their reporting suite to align with the principles of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) framework. In 2020 Designate continued to evolve the Dexus communication strategy and visual expression of the brand for their investor audience.

This transition to Integrated Reporting <IR> was designed to bring greater cohesion and efficiency to their reporting process, and focus on how the company creates value over time and the ‘capitals’ involved in that value creation. Amidst a challenging economic environment we helped Dexus to communicate an unwavering commitment to their strategic objectives and long-term value creation process, including key infographics to illustrate their business model and value creation process.

Designate created a succinct brand-aligned visual description of how the company creates long-term value for their stakeholders. This infographic formed the backbone and structure for the rest of the reporting suite, supported by a graphic ribbon that represents the connectedness of Dexus diverse groups of stakeholders.

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