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Annual Reporting Suite 2018


The last few years have been transformative for Caltex. The stakes were high for the 2018 annual report and Designate was again Caltex’s creative partner of choice.

From the rollout of the new visual identity to signing a 15-year agreement with Woolworths to revamp their Convenience Retail operations, the 2018 reporting suite had very ambitious messaging objectives to achieve.

The challenge

Setting the record straight around ownership, business focus and growth opportunities became a critical deliverable for the reporting suite. There was also Caltex’s first-ever sustainability report, which would set the tone for the organisation’s ESG communication strategy for years to come.

Caltex. Annual Report. Inside spreads, photography and infographic detail.
Caltex. Annual Report. Inside spread detail.
Caltex. Annual Report. Inside spread page design overview.
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Caltex. Annual Report. Front cover and inside spread overview.

The solution

‘Capability + Scale’ proved a very effective theme to address all these issues, helping unpack Caltex’s investor proposition amidst transformational changes. It signalled a clear departure from their previous positioning, and it made an unequivocal statement about scale, purpose and reach.

The 2018 Annual report also showcases a significant leap forward visually for Caltex, from the enhanced use of images and infographics to cleaner layout and bolder use of colour. Close collaboration between Designate and the Caltex reporting team helped achieve an outcome that was visually engaging and, perhaps more critically, on-brand.

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Caltex. Annual Report. 'Annual Report', 'Notice of AGM' and 'Sustainability Report' covers.
Caltex. Annual Report. Interactive PDF pages design.
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