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Coca-Cola Amatil

The growth in Coca-Cola Amatil’s product portfolio, the focus on the Asia Pacific and becoming the sole licensee of Coca-Cola product in Australia were all impetus to refresh the corporate brand.

The challenge

Designate was commissioned  to assess the current state of the brand by examining CCA’s existing visual identity and its impact on brand experience in the light of how they communicated the company’s vision/mission statement and key values to their audiences.

The audit established that the existing CCA brand was confused and inconsistent and needed to be reviewed with regard to its current relevance and success. As the growth and diversification of CCA not only led to visual inconsistency but also to cultural differences, it became clear that a complete refresh of the brand and identity would need to be conducted and communicated both internally and externally.

The solution

A ‘cultural’ brand was initially developed to communicate the key ‘behaviours’ and ‘qualities’ expressed in the new tagline: ‘Our CCA – where great people do great things together’ which focused on the implementation of strategies and values by CCA people for the benefit of the customer and as such, the visual identity needed to unite the divisions of the company as well as the products in the portfolio. The focus was then to consider how the brand was perceived externally as a corporate and investor brand. The desire was to unite the Coca-Cola heritage with the already implemented internal cultural brand visual identity.

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Rollout and application

The key visual elements of the CCA brand were compiled in a ‘Brand Guidelines’ document designed to motivate and ensure a consistent and successful execution of the brand. The brand was announced internally at a launch event held for management and then rolled out across a variety of applications including website, intranet, video, print material, place making graphics and merchandise.

Throughout the process Designate understood the intricacies of the CCA business, and its extensive high profile brand portfolio, and implemented a brand refresh to represent CCA’s strength and the relevance of the company moving forward, with the result being a strong, flexible totally integrated brand refresh to take CCA into the next phase of its continued growth.

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