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Investor Communications

Strategic messaging and engaging design.


Annual reports

Designate has built a reputation over the past 25 years for delivering the highest quality annual reports for Australia’s leading companies through print and digital channels. Our efficient process and strategic approach ensure accurate, innovative and creative reports that provide all stakeholder groups with a clear and timely understanding of our clients’ business plans, strategies and results.

Integrated & sustainability reports

The pressure on companies to be global citizens continues to mount, with investors and advisors looking for companies with a positive record for ESG issues. Designate has over 10 years' experience of delivering comprehensive sustainability reports, supporting the growing number of organisations taking steps to adopt Integrated Reporting to better explain their business and their value story to investors and other important stakeholders.

Corporate transaction documents

As all IPO and corporate transaction documents and communications are content complex, time critical and highly confidential, Designate has developed specialised in-house systems and processes that are efficient, reliable and secure. Our experience and expertise enable us to understand the regulatory issues and legal constraints and also how to present a company’s key messages in the most effective and persuasive manner.

Investor websites

As the corporate community becomes increasingly online dependent for immediate access to market information, it is vital for every company to have a site that provides easy-to-access current information for all stakeholders. Designate develops, designs and builds specialised corporate, investor relations and sustainability websites to meet the comprehensive communications needs of all stakeholders.

Investor presentations

It is critical that all aspects of stakeholder communications are consistent, powerful and accessible across all media channels. Designate ensures clear and engaging connections with all audiences through print, presentation, event, online and social media — from reporting and AGM materials to roadshows, releases and social media programs.

Corporate narrative & content writing

Designate works with investor relations and senior management to define and communicate their corporate narrative. An investor brand with clear messages aligned and consistent with the long-term corporate strategy and outlook, Designate distills a complex array of impressions into a simplified, more memorable and more compelling picture.

Designate directors in meeting discussing investor communications.

In an environment of increasingly complex messaging within the context of fewer analysts covering more companies, it has become critical for a company to define for itself how it is perceived  – what the business strategy is and how the company creates value. This requires more than the communication of organisational performance alone – it is best achieved through a well-defined overarching corporate story.

Over the past 25 years, Designate has built an enviable track record of working with Australia’s leading companies to connect effectively with all key stakeholders by defining and communicating clear messaging aligned and consistent with the long-term corporate strategy and outlook. Our strategic and creative approach enables companies to tell a clear and compelling company story that stands out from the crowd, enabling analysts and investors to understand the company; moving beyond the emphasis on short-term ups and downs that every company experiences and helping them to comprehend the longer-term opportunities that create value. This is especially important in troubled times.

The growth of communication opportunities for corporates has escalated over the past few years, moving from the traditional approach of producing an annual report and hosting an AGM to now engaging in best practice multi-channel message delivery.  This includes company websites, print and digital reports and reviews, corporate profiles, fact books, transaction documents, half and quarterly reports or investor newsletters as well as integrated, ESG and sustainability reports, sophisticated roadshow and investor day presentations and now even the complete commitment to social media programs.

The Designate team brings together a wealth of expertise in investor communications, combining an understanding of finance, investor relations, communications and creativity to deliver outcomes of the highest quality. To support our expert team in their commitment to our clients, Designate has developed secure systems and efficient processes to provide excellence in all brand and communication strategy, creative process, content development and multi-channel delivery for every aspect of corporate and investor communications.

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