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Brand identity design

Our creative work is always rooted in strategic reasoning, and it relies on unconventional thinking to develop a visual identity that will set the tone for the entire brand experience. We develop logos, illustrations, custom photography and a wide range of brand assets that are tailored to your specific challenge.

Brand guidelines

Consistency is the cornerstone of a memorable brand experience. At Designate, we favour web-based guidelines that can react to new brand challenges, giving both your team and any external collaborators immediate visibility of any changes to all relevant assets.

Website design & development

Most brand introductions happen online. A good first impression can make or break the brand experience in many industries. Our in-house team of digital designers, UX experts and web developers work across all key platforms to deliver digital experiences that will make your story shine.

Video & motion graphics

Designate’s multidisciplinary designers enhance the effectiveness of any piece of communication, using the latest techniques in animation, editing and graphics. We also collaborate with experienced photographers and videographers for adverts, interviews and corporate videos.

Environmental design

Whether it’s a retail space or a corporate office, many modern brands come alive in the physical environment. To create a lasting impact we collaborate with interior designers, architects and fit-out specialists to connect brands, people and places.

Culture & employee engagement

Staff are often the most critical audience for any brand, as they are the ones who embody the values, personality and purpose of the organisation. We design and implement programs to help socialise change, minimise friction and ensure cohesive adoption.

Designate team member working in studio at computer.

Brand experience is an art of seduction. At its best, it can cut through the noise and convey a clear message to your audience about the value that your brand delivers.

At its worst, it can get lost in the crowd.

Remarkable brand experiences can also be critical sources of differentiation, which is often what people will remember about your business when being constantly bombarded by messages.

Across consumer and corporate brands alike, the standard of design keeps rising, along with your customers’ expectations for clear, simple and beautiful brand experiences.

Rolling out brands can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Working with an experienced creative partner like Designate can deliver peace of mind and help your team focus on the critical tasks at hand. In many ways, we are here to help you do your job better.

Having worked with brands of all sizes across many industries, our design studio, led by Creative Director Gareth Procter, can be the perfect steward of the process. Our goal is to translate your brand into a suite of experiences that will inspire engagement.

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